A Christmas Miracle – Latest Immigration News

On December 22, 2014 I received the best Christmas present I could ask for – After 3 long years of waiting and fighting Canada Immigration, the IRB judge ruled in our favour, allowing our appeal so that Noreddine will FINALLY be permitted to come to Canada. My heart is filled with so much joy even as my body is giving in to complete and utter exhaustion.

Of course there are still a bunch of I’s to be dotted and T’s to be crossed before Noreddine officially comes into the country, but now our wait will be one of inevitability rather than the unending unknown. The judge has ruled and CIC cannot change that. The only thing left is another medical check and police check before the Visa is issued.

Thank you to everyone who has offered support, well wishes, good thoughts and vibes.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all! May all your Christmas wishes come true just as mine has.

Happy to be together

So happy together in Algeria – next stop Canada!

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2 Responses to A Christmas Miracle – Latest Immigration News

  1. Alf mabrook, congratulations!

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