The Never-ending Pain of Waiting

On Friday April 24, 2015 I learned from my MPs office that even though my husband and I won our Immigration Appeal on December 22, 2014 the processing of our file may not be complete until September 2015. My husband cannot come to Canada until this processing is complete.  I cannot even express how devastating this news has been for us, not only because we were expecting to be together this spring, but because the news came to us the day before I was attending a funeral for the 15 year old daughter/granddaughter of family friends who died tragically in a car accident only days before.  And it was the same day that my uncle was being taken in for emergency surgery far from home because he had taken ill while on the road in the US.

It was already a very bad week, made worse by the news that even NOW after winning our appeal the repercussions of the unfounded decision made by the CIC representative over 2 years ago were continuing to impact our lives more than anyone who has not been through it can imagine.

I really don’t understand why the immigration system has been designed to punish those who wish nothing but to follow the proper procedures to bring their loved ones to this country or why there is no accountability when flawed decisions are made.  I was put in a position of being one Canadian fighting the entire Canadian government alone, because my husband had no rights in Canada.  I was told this was fair and equitable by the Immigration Ministers office. How could anyone even suggest this was reasonable?

We are told, ‘Oh, he will be here soon enough’.  I just attended the funeral of a 15 year old with her entire life ahead of her so all I can say to that is NOTHING IS GUARANTEED.  Tomorrow is NOT a guarantee for anyone and so far this process has stolen over 1200 tomorrows from my husband and I and the Immigration Minister’s office has done nothing but tell me how fair the system is while the person who made the decision in my case made no effort to provide any justification for his decision except his ‘feeling’ that my husband married me just to get into Canada.

I am angry that this process continues to keep us apart and I am angrier that no elected representatives in this government will explain to me why there is no accountability for unfounded decisions made by CIC representatives.  Why did it take going to my MPs office to get an answer out of CIC about the status of our file when my Immigration Representative had been trying to get an answer for weeks?  All I have right now is unanswered questions and an empty space in my bed.

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2 Responses to The Never-ending Pain of Waiting

  1. Tabitha says:

    *sigh* I am so, SO sorry to hear this. All of it.

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