When I married an Algerian in 2011 I knew there would be a process we had to go through to allow him to come into Canada and I understood it might take up to a year to get through that process.  Before we started that process I contacted an Immigration Expert, my ICCRC representative, who spoke with me for almost 2hrs without charging me.  I called him because it was important to me that I understand and follow all the laws and rules as I believed that doing everything the right way would mean that our immigration sponsorship process would run smoothly and quickly in our favour.

It was a complete shock to me when our application was initially denied. It was traumatically heartbreaking and emotionally torturous when the ADR Representative declined to overturn the original decision leaving us with no other alternative but to go to a full appeal hearing.  When we won our appeal I was so overwhelmingly happy and overjoyed that I would be able to live my life with my husband in my own country.  But here we are over 8 months later and CIC still has not issued a visa to my husband.  It is unbelievable to me and the pain it has caused is unrelenting. Every day I wake up alone and wonder how this could happen in Canada.

Throughout this process I have tried to get answers from the Immigration Minister, Chris Alexander, which yielded several ridiculous letters espousing the fairness of the system from the Ministerial Inquiries Division, but NOTHING from Mr. Alexander himself.

I have also tried to get support from my Federal MP, Bernard Trottier, repeatedly.  I was told before my appeal that it would be unfair if my MP did anything for me and that it was not possible anyway as I was, in their words, ‘fighting the government’, with my appeal.  After winning my appeal I have had some help from the office manager for Mr. Trottier getting status updates from CIC, but again, NOTHING from Bernard Trottier himself.

My latest email (below) was sent on Friday August 21st, one day before the 8-month anniversary of winning my appeal and again I have heard NOTHING and this Conservative Government offers me NOTHING except unending heartache and pain.

Dear Mr. Trottier,

As of tomorrow it will be 8 FULL MONTHS since I won my IRB appeal against the very wrong decision of the CIC to prevent my husband from coming to Canada.  Do you think it is reasonable that 8 months after I win my appeal and a judge said that CIC must continue to process my file and let my husband into the country that we should still be waiting to be reunited?


I appreciate all the help that Igor has provided. HOWEVER, do you understand that CIC REFUSES to provide me with any answers?  The only way I get to know the status of my file is if Igor or someone from your office contacts CIC on my behalf because they are obligated to provide an MPs office with an answer, but they don’t have to even talk to me except to provide me with a form email telling me to be patient.  I’VE BEEN PATIENT ENOUGH DON’T YOU THINK?


When does ANYONE hold CIC accountable for this delay? DO you or anyone in your party even understand, care or comprehend that I am a person, my husband is a person and this is tearing our lives apart?


Before my appeal I was told that YOU could not help me because I was ‘fighting the Canadian government’ with my appeal. Now that I have won my appeal it seems that all you CHOOSE to do to help me is provide me with status updates.  Do YOU understand that being told I just have to wait until the organization that made the bad decision in the first place decides to get off it’s ass and do it’s job to let my husband in the country isn’t really helpful in the end. I and my husband are still being kept apart and the pain and stress of this situation is still impacting our health and well being.

My ICCRC, who worked for CIC for almost 20 years before helping applicants such as myself for over 20 years doesn’t think this is normal or usual. He’s been around long enough to know from experience. So, in this election year would you like to know what I think about this?

I think this system is BROKEN and I think that those who have put me (and many others) through this unprecedented painful time in my life don’t deserve to hold the positions of power they have because they have shown no care or concern for the pain and suffering their policies inflict on the people they are supposed to serve and whose money pays their salaries. I hold the entire conservative government responsible for this situation. It is the policies of this government that abandoned me in a system that has no accountability for those who work within it and that allows these situations to go on and on and on without an end in sight.  Whether it is because there aren’t enough people working within the system or those who are working within it abuse their power it is YOUR responsibility as a part of the government to do something about it, but in all the time I have been trying to get support YOU have done NOTHING to show me that you care to make a change to this system.

If you really wanted to support and help me and wanted to show me why I should even think about supporting you, then you would do more than just sit on the sidelines every time I try to get help from your office.


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