About Me

Photo by Gina Catenazzo

I am a Professional Engineer.  I spent 15 years working in the field of Aerospace Engineering before moving on to work as a consultant to Canadian companies striving for innovation through the SR&ED (Scientific Research & Experimental Development) program.

For almost as long as I have been working in Engineering with my left brain I have been striving to find ways to let my right brain express its passion for creativity by exploring the worlds of ecstatic dance, mixed media collage, creative writing, music and poetry.

I started my journey with a creative writing course at The Living Arts Centre Mississauga over 12 years ago.  A small group of us taking the course started our own Writer’s Group for weekly motivation and inspiration.  Some of us went on to do many weekend workshops and eventually my interest in the creative arts expanded to include my love of music.  I have been a student of vocal music studies for 10 years and am currently receiving coaching in Hamilton from Jennifer Molinaro at Voicechanneller Studios.

After singing the words of many other artists for years I decided to write my own lyrics and, with musical compositions by Jennifer,  have recorded versions of my first five songs, with the sixth currently in work.

My passion for creating has continued to expand into the realm of the visual arts.  Over six years ago I began to explore the art of collaging initially just with images from magazines until I was introduced to Mixed Media Collage at Visual Arts Mississauga by Timothy Daniels.

The exploration of my creativity has taken me on a wondrous journey of discovery to include the world of ecstatic dance, which I have been moving through for over seven years.  I currently enjoy creating musical soundscapes for Freedom Dance, an ecstatic dance event at The Clarity Centre in Oakville, Ontario. (Updated 25 July 2013)


I’ve started this blog for Father’s Day to honour the memory of my father who passed away almost 16 years ago.  I have avoided acknowledging Father’s Day ever since I lost my dad because it was just too painful.  I imagine the fact that I just recently got married is one reason for my change of heart, another is time and yet another is that I have come to realize that I am more like my father than I ever thought I was.

I find myself quoting him on a regular basis.  I suppose, in some cases I’m quoting whoever actually made up the sayings in the first place, but that’s not really important because it was from my dad that I heard them and from him that I got the idea that they actually might just make sense.

He always used to say things like, “You’ll attract more bees with honey than vinegar” or “Smile! It doesn’t cost you a thing and it might just make someone’s day”.  Other than the one time I was scolded by a woman for laughing too loud at a comedy show, these have been words to live by.  Another gem of wisdom he used a lot was, “Opinions are Like Assholes…Everybody’s Got One!”, which is really the theme of this blog.

It is my intent to voice some of my opinions in this space and share them with whomever should choose to read them.  The goal for me is just to say what is on my mind with the understanding that it is just MY opinion.

I’m not trying to convert anyone to my opinion by expressing it.  I am equally as happy to share what I think with those who agree with me as I am with those who disagree with me.  And I would like to hear what other opinions exist on each subject as long as they are shared in a courteous and respectful manner and with the understanding that an opinion is a personal, view or attitude that rests on grounds insufficient to produce complete certainty…or as my dad used to say…

Opinions are Like Assholes, Everybody’s Got One.


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